1. This was a long project. A few months ago, I got in touch with a very prolific hunter who had a taxidermy hobby. He had a lot of his own beautiful taxidermy for sale, but I was more interested in the damaged skins, as I’ve always wanted to try my hand at restoration. This guy was one of those projects. The ears, nose, chin, and parts of his neck had lost hair completely, parts of his face were warped, and the more I cleaned and conditioned (or tried) even more started falling out. At first I was going simply going to replace with hair from an existing deer skin, but, the damage was so far that the only thing left to do was remove him from whatever was left of the existing mount, and re-make the form to compensate for the previous deformities, repositioning everything. It would have been easier flying to Africa and getting a new duiker-customs and all! I learned a lot and had at least 3 heart attacks along the way where I thought I ruined the skin completely. Clumps of sweat and fur. Restoration and re-mounting is humbling, WAY harder than start to finish taxidermy, yet a completely different sense of accomplishment-renewal!

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